Queensman Spades offers world class local services in turnkey property management and maintenance, with operations where they have local expertise … Oxford, Dubai and Istanbul. Queensman Spades Property Management and Maintenance Service is designed to look after your property as if it were their own. It’s suited for the international and local property investor.
With the inclusion of technology, Queensman Spades lets customers place service requests from their phones, view their services’ history and annual reports on their property management, marketing and monthly status.
Administrator stays in contact with the customers while receiving timely notifications of service alerts. The admin portal has data analysis models integrated that lets them review the customers’ behavior, service quality to enhance their business using technology.
The Queensman Spades team app is there to help the maintenance workers capture photos, maintain service record and customer feedback while they strive to provide the best of their services to the niche market of United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates.
Skynners Pvt. Ltd. is the technology partner of Queensman Spades.